The Business Law programme is a law practice that conducts research, training, publishing, consulting and mentoring in Business law in Kenya specifically and Africa generally. The Business law practice handles many types of business, corporate, banking and financial transactions. These include: incorporation and structuring of various business entities, Foreign investment and joint ventures, reconstructions, acquisitions and disposals, privatisation, banking and securities work, taxation, regulatory compliance, and all aspects of corporate finance, factoring, leasing, project finance, management and commercial contracts. The Business law programme works hand in hand with the Intellectual Property and ICT Law programmes in offering high quality. More specifically, we offer the following services within the various specialties that we offer:

a. Registration of business entities in Kenya, including the procurement of all regulatory permits, licenses and registrations required for the operation of the businesses in Kenya;
b. Substantive consultancies and advisory services in business law;
c. Reviewing, amending and generally advising on the implications of any contracts entered into between a business and third parties and also its subsequent enforcement so as to, at all times, secure the business’s interests by averting or otherwise minimizing its legal liability;
d. Advising the business on and attending to all its employment and labour law requirements, and interpreting the enforcement of employment and agency contracts entered into between the business and its members of staff;
e. Conducting due diligence for and on behalf of the business in respect to any assignments calling for such due diligence;
f. Generally readily advising on all aspects of your day-to-day operations towards the end that the organization observes all applicable laws in Kenya, and also advising on all existing and developing legal requirements relating to the particular industry;
g. Institution, defending or otherwise conducting legal proceedings involving the business organization, whether directly or indirectly and negotiating settlements thereon or participating in arbitrations and mediations towards dispute resolution;
h. Undertaking and conducting of both negotiations towards any actual commercial and other transactions of all descriptions on behalf of the Company;


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